Epic, Near-Death Drop Ins

In response to Alex’s post regarding this month’s drop-in from The Rad, a few other epic near death drop-ins came to mind…

…one from one of the very first skate-mags I ever held in my hands, crica ‘89. The image of Frankfurt local Martin Wagner in a Monster Skateboard Magazin, instantly ingrained into my tender and innocent mind, establishing a spark of loco – one of the fundamentals that make up skateboarding’s radness!

And another one, that almost ended tragically, with David Conrads going to front feeble split seconds after Helge Tscharn had pushed the button on this one, sending David flying pretty much directly to his dome piece! – Sirens. Hospital. Fractured skull…  splitting from the hospital a couple of days later, just to skate a comp in the local park!! – The spark of loco is strong with this one!!

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