The Drive: Antiz Day 6

One of the more salubrious nights of our trip was thanks to Éric Antoine who put some of the crew up indoors and even gave us a patch of garden to camp on. Hot tea, hot showers and fresh boulangerie goods got us off on the right foot. Merci Éric!

The look of a well rested, breakfasted crew.

A cat and a Frenchman.

Éric’s place is full of curios.

He was also such a good sport that he let us try and and catch a fish for one of the challenges. We failed miserably though and before long continued on our way.

Boardslides before deciding the rail sucked.

And some short-shorts fly out type stuff. Luckily for you guys this is the shot without his penis dangling out the bottom.

And after a little more driving we got hammered and turned our skatepark-campsite under a bridge in to a Pier 7 ‘basho’ where we hosted an international sumo wrestling championship. All terribly homoerotic.

Drunken Monkey style.

Sam was virtually unbeatable – thighs like a rhino.

Unflinching, even in the face of 1920s street fight moves.

Hirschi avoided defeat by maintaining his position as gyōji.

Still a win.

France vs France. France wins & France also loses.

Like Grecian sculpture.

You’ve got to pay to play. And sometimes winning comes at a price.

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