The Drive: Antiz Day 5

A late night/early morning journey back to Cosanostra meant a late start for everyone the next day, but everyone knew it was time to get some kilometres under our belt and the van was roomy enough for everyone to sleep it off.

Murl came prepared with ear plugs. And an ear infection.

And what better way to torture our hung over companions than to start the Hotbox challenge (heaters on full, windows closed) without telling them. There was only one shot at this so they had to suffer. We managed just short of an hour before Poju blew it by opening the back door whilst we idled at a service station.

Hugo takes his job seriously. All of them. Eating hot quiche at 110Kph can be taxing.

Eventually we made it to this place and broke out the genny. Everyone had woken up by now and the session went off. Eventually we went in search of booze and shelter for the night.

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