Burn SOS 2012: Skatepark Guineueta / Canyelles

Submitted by: Héctor Solà

Location: Barcelona City, Spain

What’s wrong With this park/spot?

The site where the skatepark is located, if measured in m2 is one of longest of community of Catalonia. There is a mini-bowl, a mini-ramp with 3 sizes and a few spins in a row (these are not used at all why it is grossly wrong). You could say that everything is wrong. The mini-bowl of Canyelles is the only thing we have to appreciate.

In the photo look the spins on the left, the transition .. is spectacular!
El recinto donde esta situado el skatepark, si lo medimos en m^2 es de los mas grandes de la comunidad de Catalunya. Hay un mini-bowl, unas mini-ramp con 3 tamaños y unos spines seguidos (estos no se usan en absoluto porqué está exageradamente mal hecho) . Se podría decir que todo lo que hay está mal hecho. El mini-bowl de Canye

Why should we pick This park/spot?

Honestly, we live in a Mecca for skaters, local skatepark are coming out in the video game Tony Hawk. We are tired of asking the city hall to reform for years. Generations of skaters who have skated i

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