Adidas Skateboard Clash 2009 Update

The course is almost done, as is the Betonhausen concrete bit outside, thanks to Kliewer and crew.

Adam Sello has sorted out a bit of real granite for the street course from the old „Palast der Republik“.

Here’s a little list of the latest contestants. Full list will be announced shortly.

– Klaus Bohms (BR)
– Otavio Neto (BR)
– Lennie Burmeister (DE)
– Alex Mizurov (DE)
– Kevin Wenzke (DE)
– Jürgen Horrwarth (DE)
– Denny Pham(DE)
– Paco Elles (DE)
– Yannick Schall (DE)
– Julian Dykmans (DE)
– Axel Cruysbergh (BE)
– Dennis Busenitz (US)
– Mika Edin (SE)
– Koffe Hallgren (SE)
– Jonas Skröder (SE)
– Maksim Kruglov (RU)
– Misha Poponin (RU)
– Honza Minol (CZ)
– Lukas Danek (CZ)
– Maxim Habanec (CZ)
– Phillip Schuster (AT)
– Ruben Rodrigues (PT)


10.00 am AM – Qualification, followed by the “Street-Contest” and the “Death or Glory Bowl Jam“
10.00 pm Skateboard-Videopremiere adidas Europeteam-Video „Diagonal“
11.00 pm doors open Aftershowparty Club Cassiopeia

11.00 am Semi Final Street followed by Best Trick Session Street
Finals Street

Admission: 2-Day-Ticket 12,-€, / red.8,-€
Dailyticket: 8,- € / red. 5,-€

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