Top 5 edits

Top 5 Of The Month: September

As incredible as Nils’ shots from our “Trocadéro Days” article (114) were, I was left wondering about one thing: “how the hell are they going to make the edit not look like some cheesy advert?”. I guess I hadn’t realised Pontus was going to make it. He’s probably one of the only guys who could make this eighties launch ramp themed fun look so sick. The first thing he got right was the crew. The Blobys (Paul Grund, Vincent Touzery, Kevin Rodrigues and Roman Gonzales) were pretty much perfect for it: they are used to skating with each other in Paris, have been heavily influenced by that era of skating and obviously look damn good on their skateboards. K-rod’s fakie no comply down the 3 set and Vincent Touzery’s wallie boardslide down the Bercy hubba alone make this edit worth watching, so add to that Cons’ powerful English delegation and Pontus’ dynamic editing and you’ve got one hell of a clip. They even somehow trick you into believing that Parisian winters aren’t as grim as they seem…

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