Top 5 edits

Top 5 of the month: November

I think its safe to say that as always, Palace Skateboards didn’t disappoint with this new edit. Danny Brady marks his new move to the team with a bang. Stylish tricks and endless lines, all captured with that classic VHS Palace style (that too many people are trying to copy) … what’s not to dig? Conflicting with the doubts of some, Brady definitely suits the team and there’s a real relaxed feel about this new part. It’s clear that Brady stacks clips and I think the ratio of skating to non-skating footage shuts up the haters! Brady said that filming with Lev and the boys is much less stressful than when he was with Blueprint and I think this comes across. Anyway, this new Palace edit is killer and Danny Brady shuts it down! I’m sure there are a lot of interesting things to come from this new relationship.


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