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Kingpin Reader's European Skater Of The Year - Vote now!

Kingpin Reader's European Skater Of The Year - Vote now!

Arthur Derrien Arthur Derrien

Besa_W14_ReadersAward_851x315It’s once again time for you guys to vote for the Kingpin Reader’s European Skater Of The Year, only this time the voting voting will take place on our Facebook page. To cast your vote and possibly win a 300 euro Titus gift voucher simply click on the link below.


We’ve also got some Enjoi boards up for grabs and all you need to do to win them is leave a comment below about the person you just voted for. We will be rewarding the the authors of our 3 favorite comments so get on it!

The nominees:

Flo Mirtain

Flo Mirtain

Eniz Fazliov



Erik J Pettersson

Erik J Pettersson

Younes Amrani


Hjalte HalbergHjalte_Halberg

Tom Knox

Tom Knox

Lucas Puig

Lucas Puig

Nassim Guammaz

Nassim Guammaz

Karsten Kleppan


Madars Apse.



  1. Schulte

    Everyone on this list is an outstandingly talented skateboarder. That’s why I miss Mark Frölich. He should be on there, too.

  2. Vlady Poshyvanyuk

    Just like to vote EUROPEAN SOTY because in Thrasher everything is fake, people want that one to win, but the don’t give a fuck and choice the most “thrasher” one or pooler, but this year is going to win Nyjah. Oh, and I voted Puig cuz he made a sick part on Bon Voyage and because he is always filming stuff, NONSTOP!

  3. Mon Dieu

    Hey Dudes i am missing Mark Frölich on the list, too. He is still ripping the shit more than other people, filming himself doing gnarly rails by placing the VX on the top of the stairs, paying the other filmer with his own money and at the end he is cutting/editing the hell of a footage in his own way. So i guess he is not only skater of the year, he is filmer and cutter o.t.y., too.
    What more do you expect from a Pro?

    Maybe he is just riding for the wrong company.

    Every Skater on this list earns his place, of course.

  4. juan miguel

    Why do we have to like the page to vote? Is this promotion?
    I vote Nassim

  5. Jon Colyer

    No Stephen Roe on the list? Figured his Video Nasty part would get him up there.

  6. P-star

    Definitely Mark Frölich has to be on this list, too!!!

  7. Brandon Dare

    It was tie between Lucas, Flo and Hijalte. Im currently reppin a polar hijalte deck and what their image and what they do is so rad. But I had to give it to Flo is whole bon voyage part was so stylish, plus cliche has been doing it for Europe for years now, Flo Mirtain!!!

  8. Curtis Richmond


  9. tebassi

    Madars apse for “Future nature” and “Hold it down”. He’s got a real style, he deserve this award !

  10. dummbert

    This is straight up mean!
    Obviously it should be given to Lucas Puig for coming back strong after his injury, killing it steadily on so many (low impact) levels and pushing boundaries in fashion, leading to infamous american skate sites citing him as contender for “one of the most euro pros ever”, which i think is a good thing.
    But then again you put up silent killers like Eniz Fazliov & Flo Mirtain.
    And don’t even get me started on those scandinavian dudes (yes, Eniz lives there too). Both Kleppan and Hjalte had a decent amount of killing spree this year, making skating look manly.
    And Madars is always a good watch, too.
    Fuck, i dunno who to choose!

  11. Al Kahnoviç

    Hey , you forgot MARK FRÖLICH,…!!!

  12. Anton

    I’ll like to vote, I don’t have a facebook account, so it’s not possible, help me Kingpin!:-)

  13. sam

    i vote for dominik dietrich and axel cruysberghs

  14. Orlin

    I am voting for Madars Apse, because he is a stylish all-round ripper, with a great video part at Where EU at, I like the way he grooves on the board when rolling, and from what I have seen from him in the real life, he is humble and nice being around with. This is definitely a good year for him, but I also miss Joseff Scott

  15. Rasta Man

    My Vote goes to Hjalte who always haves a smile on the face and greeting people with joy
    Never seen bad behaviour
    all in a he´s a skater with good vibes and a good mind


  16. flowsn3000 doom overlord

    that’s actually really hard to pick only one. I think they all deserved it this year. I’m going for mr. puig, always had the sickest parts, even back then in fully flared 😉


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