Kingpin Borough Blocks Jam

Supported by Nike SB

This past Sunday we teamed up with Nike SB to put on a jam and best lines comp in London. After hours and hours of failed then eventually successful attempts we managed to transport the infamous Shoreditch Blocks to a new location in Borough in time for the jam. There were tunes, a free Brazilian BBQ and of course plenty of free Red Stripes. Everyone was ripping, but Harry Lintell won the best line and £250 for a flawless kickflip back lip on the first block then nollie back heel to backside tailslide on the second block. Tim Prozorov did a nollie inward heel to back 5-0 then pushed and frontside 180 to fakie 5-0 to half-cab out on the second block. This won him a cool £150. Daniel Grönwall was over from Malmö and pulled off four incredible lines to earn £100. A full edit of the jam will follow soon but for now check out this gallery of photographs by Marcel Veldman.

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