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Josef Scott Jatta

Swedish professional skateboarder Josef Scott Jatta rides for Sweet Skateboards, Thunder, Spitfire, Carve Wicked, DC Shoes and He turned pro with Sweet in 2009, and has since appeared in a series of videos for the company, including the final part in Sweet ‘n Sour (2010), Sour (2011) and Stee (2013). As part of the Sweet team, he finished second at the Vans Downtown Showdown in Paris in 2013.

He has also featured in a number of films for DC Shoes, including two tour videos – Riot Tour EU from 2011, including footage from Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Cologne, Helsinki and Malmo, and the Lace’em Up Tour from 2011. He also had a solo part in DC Europe’s 2012 release Where EU At?, edited by Jon Holland and Eduardo Munoz.

Speed demon Josef was born on 7th September 1991 in Gothenburg, but currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. He first began riding almost ten years ago, and, inspired by riders such as Koffe Hallgren, he made rapid progress, picking up his first sponsor in 2005.

Josef is one of the most talented skaters around, who says his favourite trick is ‘all ollies and spins’. For an idea of his style, check out his shared part with SK8MAFIA’s Wes Kremer in Stee – a ‘B-side’ was also released, featuring raw footage and leftovers from the part, including a crazy kickflip shifty doubles which landed both on the cover of Kingpin issue 114 in June 2013.