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Joe Gavin

Manchester stalwart Joe Gavin rides for Landscape Skateboards, along with riders such as Daniel ‘Snowy’ Kinloch and Joleon Pressey. Joe joined the Landscape team in June 2013, and is also sponsored by Nike SB, Carhartt, Thunder Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, Dakine bags, Stella Supply Co. and Manchester’s Note skate shop.

Landscape released a new four-minute part featuring Joe in September 2013, filmed and edited by Sean Lomax and themed around Joe’s new board by artist Krek. Other video releases include a series for his previous board sponsor The Harmony, including Once Upon a Time (2005), Wolfstadt (2007), River’s Edge (2009) and Psycho Killers (2011).

Joe was born on 4th August 1983, and grew up in Withington. Not keen on team sports, he started skateboarding at 11, and was immediately hooked, likening it to ‘a sort of game that you can’t really ever finish.’ He learnt the hard way through dedication and practice, and soon perfected tricks such as his favourite frontside/backside 180.

He is a true street skater, with a distinctive switch style and a signature pole jam, known for stringing long lines together using all of the terrain around him. However, it’s not just skateboarding at which he excels – for Note he put together the 2009 Olympics contest video, and he also filmed and produced Snake Eyes Die for the company in 2013. He has also made documentary films and music videos, and is a talented graffiti artist.