Zurich Bowl Behemoth

There’s a new park in the works in Zürich. The bowl section is being poured at the moment and eventually it’ll have a street section that’s even bigger. The plans were hatched back in 2002, when a group of locals including Sven Kilchenmann and Alan Maag among others formed a registered club to have a bit more muscle and credibility in the eyes of the local government. The plans were approved by the City of Zürich two years later in 2004. From then on it’s a been a bumpy ride and most of the original members have thrown in the towel over the years. But the park is finally being realized and looking at Vernon Deck’s overview below, it looks like it’s been worth the struggle. Especially, when it’s been someone else’s headache and all we need to do now is show up and shred! Hats off for everyone involved though.

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