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I don’t know what’s more offensive, the Thrasher rip off, the fact that it’s an iconic skate spot or the sheer amount of these little fuckers in the photo… I hope Jérémie Daclin sees this.



  1. Graeme Voigt

    HA HA HA! Easily the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen…

  2. Mark

    Is he wearing a Thrasher tshirt as well??

  3. Marcel Woyand

    Haha, Thrasher is Copyright… Gaylord Scooter noobs 😀

  4. chichi101

    is it front side or backside? LOL

  5. Robo Moravčík

    this was just a joke and you guys obviously didn’t get it. the cover photo was shot on Dissidence Paris Street Jam V3 (2012)- these jams are maybe the best scooter competitions. And it’s Big Ron (Ronald Sharpe) frontlipping that shit . I’m pretty sure most of skaters wouldn’t hit it with any trick, so I recommend you to shut up.

  6. Tom Hobson

    ‘yeah… it was a fucking joke. haha

  7. Liam Eyles

    I’ll admit the Thrasher rip off is bad! But the trick is soo fucking rad! + Ronald Sharp aka ‘Big Ron’ (the guy in the photo) has some balls to hit that on a scooter, let alone FS Lipslide it!

  8. issac

    this isnt an actually magazine guys, chill out. it was a limited edition cover of a magazine called “scoot nation”. this was meant to pay tribute to thrasher, even though i agree it was a very bad idea.

  9. Josh

    Issac it’s from scoot mag not scoot nation

  10. philip

    Hes not wearing a thrasher shirt u fucking idiots


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