Wild In The Streets Of Amsterdam

This year’s Emerica Wild In The Street in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago brought the struggle of the local skatepark to the attention of the politicians to find it a new home. The park’s being made a refugee to make space for more offices, of all things. Scroll down for the edit with Eniz Fazliov, Rob Maatman and Helder Lima among others. For more information about what’s going on with the park, check

“EMERICA WILD IN THE STREETS AMSTERDAM – Benefiting Skatepark Amsterdam

Thursday 5th July Emerica organized Wild in the Streets in Amsterdam.
Between two and three hundred enthousiastic skateboarders gathered to skate through the city.

The goal was to build community and raise awareness for skateboarding and skateboarders’ needs. In this specific case they got together to ‘fight’ for the Amsterdam Skatepark that has to leave its current home very soon because the local government decided to redevelop the area to build more office spaces.

Emerica’s Wild in the Streets was organized to put the subject on the radar of the politicians again so they will put more efforts in helping the skatepark finding a new location.”

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