Almost Welcomes Willow

After a couple months of rumours and guessing, Willow’s landed his feet on an Almost board. We caught up with him briefly in the US. Found a busy man, almost working hard on his varial heels and lazer shit.

You’ve just got on Almost – how do you feel about that?
Well, I’m super super mega stoked to be a part of the Almost family. Rodney Mullen and Deawon Song, they are legends and it’s crazy to be their team mate. The whole team welcomes me super friendly.

How is this going to change your day to day life?
It doesn’t change so much.

What’s your official status there then?
I’m an amateur right now on the US team.

Any immediate plans with your new sponsor?
Yeah we shot an ad then we went to San Fransisco, filmd a double rock and we are filming for the new almost video. Been working on the welcome part.

Yeah, nice clip! You’re out in US at the moment. Is this a trip to seal the deal, or what? What have you been up to there?
King of the road, filming for the Transworldvideo a bit, met Almost, and see all my friends here. Getty Center to see some art!

Did you already know most of the team? I guess Haslam, for one, has spent a lot of time in Germany before.
Yeah of course. I met them all before, except Rodney.

What about Flip?
They did so much for me, big thanks to Flip!

What’s the next thing we can look forward to with you – any footage coming out somewhere, interviews you’re working on etc?
Almost welcome part [below], Almost ad, King of the Road tour, and I hope the Kingpin interview, and the double rock at Thrasher skatepark.

Willow Almost Welcome Clip >>

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