Trap Skateboards x Jo Peters – Objectif: Journey To The Center Of The Alster Trap Skateboards, longtime keepers of realness out of Hamburg, Germany have entrusted filmaker, Jonathan Peters, Frenchman in Berlin and maker of  wonderful independent flicks as Objectif: Lune and Journey To The The Center Of The Earth, with the execution of their next video endeavour.

Main man Richi Löffler’s boys,  Jürgen Horrwarth, Pat Lindenberger, Paco Elles, Ben Wessler, the Pedersen twins, Michi von Fintel and Ilja Judizki will all be dropping fresh parts through out the next months, with steaming up and comer, Pascal Reif making the start.

Have a look at the trailer and watch out for Pascal’s part dropping on Wednesday 3rd of July.