Riga DIY

Madars Apse rounded up the troops from around the continent to man up and shovel 65 tons of concrete into shape. Outside the city’s indoor park run by Gizmo, the local kids and visiting pros turned an old disused fountain into a sick new spot. Thanks to Latvian laidback determination what initially looked like Mission Impossible is now a brand new skatepark.

Looks a bit hopeless at this stage, right Miika?

Eniz gets radical with the angle grinder.

Alessandro Volpin made four of these 2×4″ subs. Magic for trannies.

Ross and Madars dropping hammers.

Wille Mäkelä and Dom Dietrich.

For some reason, it always rains when the concrete shows up.

Bram de Cleen

Not the sharpest tool in the box this saw.

Wille’s night mission.

On-site dinner.

Ale did not only make tools, he also cooked dinner for everyone in the small kitchen at the indoor park.

Risotto tonight.

There was an army of kids with shovels and wheel barrows who showed up whenever the trucks rolled in. They also did a lot of the filling beforehand and cleaning up afterwards.

Bram’s night mission.

Some floor guys showed up and did the flat for us in one night. Funny thing was that when we asked for a pump or even an arm for the truck before, it wasn’t possible. But when these guys started work, all of a sudden there was a pump available. Good thing there was too, would have taken the kids all week to shovel that into place.


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