Nearly makes and Alien throw-aways from Bill Strobeck.

While there are games of s.k.a.t.e. popping up the world over in the Berrics fashion, the OGs are getting ready for round two. get ready for them to name names.

New stuff on everyone’s favourite digizine Tweaker.

Shit Skateboards from Norway has opened a flagship store in Oslo.

No store, but a whole bunch of new clothes from the Control camp in Finland. The rumour has it that they might be doing a demo in Tallinn‘s Haigla park in May. That would be the first demo in about 9 years, if memory serves. We’ll keep you posted on dates etc.

Risto at the Haigla park

The watchdog outside the park

48 blocks has an Erik Ellington interview up.

The Flip team keeps at it in Miami.

And here’s one more for the start of summer, Simo Mäkelä lipsliding the Mantta fountain in Helsinki yesterday, moments after Dmitri Medvedev has waved at the crowds outside. There were literally dozens of cops all over the place, so it was inevitable that we got kicked out after a little while.

As if the summer wasn’t in London already, Lovenskate Stu, French and Rich Gilligan are heading out to Colorado for a skate trip for a few weeks. Don’t hold your breath on updates and such, but just in case, make sure you peep the Lovenskate site now and then. There will most likely be a silk screened zine or a video or both at the end of the rainbow.

Last but not least, if it’s raining today where ever you are, you could do worse than spend the next hour or so with Naomi Wolf. Her presentation of her book The End of America comes recommended by Bobby Puleo and Josh Stewart, so you know what to expect. Have faith in conspiracy.

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