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Paul Shier Leaves Blueprint

Paul Shier Leaves Blueprint

Alex Irvine Alex Irvine


Following on the departure of Dan Magee from Blueprint over a year ago, this weekend brought the news of Paul Shier’s departure from his responsibilities as team manager and his subsequent relinquishment of his place on the Blueprint team.

No doubt Paul’s residence in LA and newly increased involvement at DVS has had a part to play with this departure, but after a decade and a half  it must have been a tough decision regardless.
Whilst Paul reminisces, “I have the fondest memories of the last 16 years and all the people who made Blueprint what it was,” I just find myself saying, “What happens next?”

Hope for the sake of its awesome remaining team that it keeps on keeping on.

Here’s some of my favourite Shier shit.

  1. Jake Stewart

    Dont believe anything you hear and half of what you see. Blueprint is still in business. working on future plans as i speak.

    -Jake Stewart


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