Oslo Games Recap

All photos: Lars Gartå. Video by Kristoffer Kumar.

Foppa Forsberg bs overkrook

Oslo Games was held on the 14th of April about ten days ago. The comp was a sort of a Scandinavia team battle of Norway vs Sweden vs Denmark, with 7 skaters on each team. The contest was based around the Street League format: each rider had 7 tries in a technical section, a doubleset with rails and a watergap. Sweden came in third, Denmark second and the Norwegian hosts took the first prize and kept the 5000 euro purse for themselves. Radness! Karsten Kleppan of Norway took the MVP for 1250 euro, and Sarah Meurle of Sweden was the girl MVP and got 1000 euro.

Herman Stene bs noseblunt

Robert Otis bs grab