NKOTB Do Skatehalle

If you happen to be around the Berlin area tomorrow, Saturday, December 3rd, consider dropping by at Skatehalle Berlin to check the talent that’s going to hit us 2018 or so. The annual New Kids On The Block comp will have kids skating alongside resident pros, tag-teaming for glory! A chance for the new blood to shred with today’s rippers and learn from the old-farts. For the latter, the gratification will not only be smiling eyes, but also the “tricks for drinks” event later to be held at Cassiopeia club. Pros attending should be: Lennie Burmeister, Michi Mackrodt, Julian Dykmans, Roland “Hirschi” Hirsch, Pascal Reif, Yannick Schall, Ilja Juditzki, Denny Pham and more…

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