News From The Front

This year’s annual Lucia Classics contest takes place in the Stockholm Skatepark Fryshuset and the dates are set to December 11 & 12.

Check out the website for more information on the event, to enter and to find out who’s already qualified for semis based on last years results. Looks like a top heavy list of names, this should be a sick session. Below, the Frys Gäng on a normal evening. Say what – Pulman’s got no hair? And Mika Edin’s officially a vert dude now. He can do blunt fakies, indy airs AND inverts. Apparently Bellows are bringing out pads, pillows and Bermuda shorts next season.

One of the biggest skate news this year had to be Koston leaving Lakai to ride for Nike. Here’s Koston talking SwooshThe boys in blueprint have been busy as ever getting shit done. See some secondhand coverage that’s been shot, printed and then re-shot again to be posted.

When are PWBC going to announce Lucien Clarke as their new rider?

pwbc – pwbc 29_5_german_par on MUZU.