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Marek Zaprazny On Citystars

Marek Zaprazny On Citystars

Citystars Skateboards has announced the addition of Nike SB’s Slovak ripper Marek Zaprazny. Style and technical skill combined to all around nice guy steez. Good luck on your way up! Check Marek’s welcoming clip on the Citystars site.

Kickflip over rail during last year’s Helsinki Hook Up.

  1. slovak

    maaan, he´s from slovakia, and even then, it is “czech” not czeck

  2. Hrachovnik

    he´s not czech idiots he´s slovak

  3. Skate Plan

    It’s nice to see guys from Europe to shows their progress. Big up to Marek! (Btw. he is from Slovakia, not Czech :)

  4. maat

    Marek Zaprazny is from slovakia!

  5. Tomas Balcar

    Marek jede. kurva progres


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