Lev Tanju’s Interview for Slam City Skates and a bit of Charlie Young


Be sure to head over to the Slam site to find out what the Palace CEO has lined up for us this year. ┬áStoked to hear that a full length video is in the works. I’m also looking forward to seeing┬áthe footage from that Palace x Polar trip, I hope it’ll drop soon. I wonder if they’ll put it out as one edit with everyone from both teams in it… That would be so sick.

I was also waiting for an excuse to (re)post these two clips. Charlie Young’s mention amongst the top 5 best styles in London seems like a good one: play the videos below to remind yourself why he’s up there with Toby Shall. I hope their new filmer will be cracking the whip, skateboarding needs a full part from this guy.

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