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Koffe Hallgren Kalmar Union

Koffe Hallgren Kalmar Union

Sweet coffee and kickflips at the Kalmar Union park with Sweet’s Koffe Hallgren. If you think you know what the historical Kalmar Union was for, type your hunch in the comment below and enter a lottery to win something, anything, that we can squeeze out of the Sweet TM.

  1. Klaus

    the kalmar union was initiated by Denmark to conquer all of Europes skateparks with fakie nosegrinds by…a woman. Margarethe I tried to unite all of Scandinavia in 1397 for promoting her business interests, but somehow she didn’t manage, and now it’s up to some other guys.

  2. Tuukka

    Klaus, can you let us know your size and where to send shit? Björn from Sweet has a little package ready to go.


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