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Kingpin Readers' European Skater of the Year – VOTE HERE

Kingpin Readers' European Skater of the Year – VOTE HERE

Alex Irvine Alex Irvine

Well it’s that time of year again where we’re giving you, the public, the chance to vote for the Kingpin Readers’ European Skater of the Year. It’s going to be a tough call with all the amazing skateboarding that’s gone down over the last 12months. The award will be given to the winner at the annual Bright European Skateboard Awards along with the industry voted categories. To vote just click the button next to your choice’s name!

But wait. there’s more… You can have your voice heard too!

Leave a comment below about the guy you just voted for and I’ll pick some of the best ones to use in my speech for the winner of the award… And, yes, I’ll name check you!

Votes are in! We’ll announce the winner shortly.

Leave your comment below!

  1. danny wainwright

    the most happy and positive little pug lookalike in skateboarding!
    nassim is the bomb, end of story!!!

    a little dude that mans the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. LANUA

      Never saw a more solid, professional and constant skater then Frolich….. He doesn’t need to man up…. He’s the man.

    2. tpj

      kid is good! but he hasnt even put out a proper full lenght video part, unlinke others here on the list! that work their asses off not only on contest and web clips!

  2. Sean James

    Madars is the fucking badman, lanky as a giraffe with the grace of a hummingbird hahah
    its his time :)
    Perus 4 life

  3. Karlis Zaharans

    Two sick parts in one year? Check. Positive behaviour 24/7? Check. Powerslides and polejams on lock? Check. That Northern charm? Check! Europe`s SOTY has it all, Ladies and Gentlemen…Madars Apse!

    1. hmmm

      But Madars is not from the north, he’s from eastern europe…

      1. Jeff

        Same boreal forests as in Scandinavia and pretty much the same weather.

  4. Rob rouleaux

    You know what they say: if it aint dutch, it aint much… Nassim for president!!!

  5. mm

    Madar mees pa teeev! :))

  6. alexander schuit

    Tim Zom! we skated together now his first two years of skating when i was already in my twenties and he was a grom. i could tell he used his skating as an outlet for some n

    1. alexander schuit

      negative influences. he attacked everything like a young bull, constantly trying to slay everything and everyone in his path. he did good.

  7. Tista

    Aren’t you forgeting someone? Where’s Lucas? The amount of footage he put up this year wasn’t enough???

    1. Eddie lee

      Jesus and willow r the only pros on this list. I like video parts but only the true pros push the limits of sk8ing usually during their prime. Jesus just has the ill steez. Everyone else on the list is way behind in that department. I could watch Jesus do switch flips all day and do. None of the others would be getting official sponsors if it weren’t for pioneers like the fuckin Jesus. Sorry boys. Jesus is only real man on this list.

      1. Sean James

        You really are a class A clueless helmet… That’s nothing against Jesus by the way, just your idiotic attitude.

  8. Alex Kililis

    Tim Zom for the wiin! A crazy ass skater but one of the best people i ever met when he came to Cyprus and i toured him around the island! had an amazing time chillin skating drinking and amazed us every spot he skated! yeee homieeee hope u get it!

  9. Margarita

    Vote for Youness!

  10. rita

    Motivation, energy, love and soul in skateboarding. Always himself, no matter what. Thats what skating is about. By one word, stylish!!!

  11. Johannes Gustafsson

    josef scott jatta

  12. slim layouni

    albert nyberg should be here !

  13. Hossam Ramzy

    Chris Pfanner has a bitchy ass pop 😀

  14. Nils Gebbers

    Bringing European skateboarding to a world wide recognition, including a Transworld cover/interview – that shit ain’t coming for free and without doing a great job – no matter what the poll says in the end – ESOTY – Chris Pfanner!!!

  15. Pjotr Meerding

    ESOTY should Be Nassim !

  16. Alfonso

    jesus for europe president..!!!

  17. udon

    where is lucas puig?

  18. udon

    where is lem villemin?

  19. mxy

    Pontus Alv! The two Polar promos were really good, but I’m a dumb American so what do I know?

  20. Kalle

    Willow!!! For the Ueberstumpf Parts!

  21. Steven

    YOUNESS, the homie has mad skills

  22. LA


  23. alex

    how the fuck can you vote? i dont see any button…

  24. Eva

    Vote for Josef Scott Jatta he is amazing!!!

  25. tpj

    vote for Froelich! skater of every year, there no any other more solid, productive and soul skater in europe! he goes out and kills it everyday no matter what! atat!

  26. siggi

    Multitalented ,easy guy ,skates like a beast vote for madars apse

  27. steve

    Its a no Jesus!

  28. Antoine R

    Jesus Fernandez for EURO SOTY !!! Have you seen his pretty sweet part? Fakie hardflip back tail and backlip hardflip to fakie dude !And always with smile!

  29. Pura_vida_antoine


  30. Vladimir

    Madars Turaas !

  31. majken

    Josef Scott Jatta fore sure!

  32. Julio

    Madars & Jesus!

  33. jeanette scott

    Josef is the most kind person you can find.
    To live his life, he has done everything to be a good skater. He deserves to win this price.

  34. MJB


    1. Eddie lee

      Good point. 2 of the top 3 pros in Europe aren’t on this list. And how did Raul Navarro, Anthony Lopez or Enrique Lorenzo or Danny Brady or Luke Jensen or chewy cannon not make it. Man 80% of these guys haven’t even paid dudes most won’t last in the industry 3-4 years later

      1. Sean James

        You obviously have a very warped perception about European skateboarding and have not been paying attention to what has actually gone on in the past 12 months. Take a look before you make such obviously uneducated comments. It’s not about who you’re favorite skater is… It’s about productivity, style and overall attitude towards life in general… Who the fuck is Luke Jenson dickhead?

  35. pabloff

    everybody with jesus from spain

  36. sam

    they all win !

  37. vooght


  38. Lol

    Give it to Jesus, he had the best part in pretty sweet. He might not have the chance to win again later, so you should give it to him this year! People like madars and nassim are killing it, but they have many years to win it. Vote Jesus!!!!

  39. gbgfb

    Nothing to say ESOTY- MADARS APSE!!!

  40. bcn shi

    froelich maaan!! Nobody skates and kills it EVERY DAY but him! nobody produces that much amazing footage on any sort of terrain except manuals maybe haha! jesus is the best, but i think he only filmed like 2 months total for his part, which is mind blowing still. but when it comes to skating, nobody is out there with more passion than mark, and thats what the readers choice soty should be about!!! mark frölich!!!

  41. bcn shi what

    Jesus for Euro SOTY obviously. The guy has been skating and killing before some of the other nominees was born, a true legend! He has brought so much amazing and dope shit to the scene, it’s incredible. Nobody fucks with the Jesus, as simple as that. And this guy feserves this!!! Oh and Bcn shi, come on filming his Pretty sweet part in 2 months, first of: impossible, second not true! This guy skates and works hard every day to get footage and clips. And on top of that he is just the nicest guy in the world. Anyone who ever met him even just 5 minutes would agree!!!! Jesus euro soty 2012!

  42. Nore

    SIEMPRE apoyando el producto NACIONAL !!!
    Mi voto para Jesús Fernandez.Excelente skater !! Gran apuesta de Stance.
    Un saludo a todos y Skate or Die.

  43. Ana Belén

    Jesús is a Beautifull person.

  44. Edgar

    This kind of list is the worst thing you can do. The freedom of skateboard is apart from this – champion/ looser mode. You would not try to imitate the sad soccer or basket rankings. You are transforming skateboard into a competitive shit.

  45. Javier Menéndez

    All this dudes are great skaters…. But Jesús is on the video of the year. Who needs more reasons to vote him? Lets do this! Fernández is the man!

  46. Hoegi

    Willow has fucking deserved it. he gives german skaters an ideal and a reason for starting skateboarding.

  47. Danieldel

    Nobody fuck with the Jesus!!

  48. Consuelo Lopez Villar

    vamos Jesus!!!!!your skating is the best,you are the beast

  49. david

    Vamos Fer danos una alegria

  50. Gosia Misiaszek

    Jesus Fernandez

  51. Magdalena Misiaszek

    Jesus Fernandez

  52. Gia Fernandez

    My uncle Jesus Fernandez has to win !!!!!!!

  53. Mlo

    Jesus Fernandez is the obvious choice here!! This guy deserves it!!

  54. Lucas

    Have you seen the Pretty Sweet video? Do you have any questions? Jesus rules!!!

  55. Clavijo Miravalle

    Jesus es la polla!!

  56. Jan


  57. snure Siderlind

    I voted for bastien Salabanzi because he went to street league and did it fantastic there. and his part in the jart movie was off the hook! and he is always so fucking nice to everybody!!

  58. john

    Madars. Good riding style, skills and attitude on riding


    madars fucking firecracked the eltoro…what more do you want!

  60. Alex Sinmaleza

    Madars has had a really good year getting awesome footage but, how many years Jesus has been there? And who else on the list can do that technical tricks? Jesus really deserves it, he is the man.

  61. Agapit

    Jesus Fernandez

  62. Mrox

    Jesus Fernandez!!!

  63. Rick

    It´s weird that the last day of voting Madars gained more than 350 votes. You Knwow? More than words.

    1. Jon

      You know, you are so right!! It’s the Thrasher Soty all over again…

      1. Jon

        Oh and I don’t mean this as a good thing! This title will hopefully belong to Jesus Fernandez.

      2. Surface to Air

        You fools SOTY shouldn’t be giving as a gift thing to the person who’s og and been long enough around, to show respect. Nevertheless if the person has been killing at the constant level for years, if there was another guy killing slightly better, the other one should get. Otherwise it’s like ” better give the og soty while you can, because he might not have another chance”. That’s mislead meaning of this title. It means who was the actual ripper at that time(year). So the award in my opinion should go to the Madars Apse. Anyone thinking suspicious or “Thrasher SOTY” all over again, face it. I liked Guy better, but everyone was so butthurt, because this might have been his last chance and he never got one. That sounds truely like “we have to show our respect to this guy and he’s been skating forever and as he doesn’t have one AND THAT’S WHY he deserves it(yeah, read the whole sentence from beginning and think-skating’s not primary here, but respect(which I support, but not for this title)), let’s give him”, while Gonzalez was as good but in different level risking his butt (that kind of choice I don’t prefer, but facts are facts and putting your health on the line probably has the advantage)

  64. manman

    Madars Apse

  65. Andy Smith

    If there’s any justice amongst the Skate Gods, this title will be Jesus’. Come on let’s face it, anything else is not the right choice! His Pretty Sweet part blew the minds of so many people, it will be – and already is -a legendary part! Nothing against the other nominees, who all rip like crazy. It’s just as simple as Jesus is a true legend, and this title needs to make up for the Thrasher choice!! It’s time to pay some respect to the OG’s, the ones that inspired the younger generation and who we all have so much to thank for.. Jesus IS euro SOTY 2012.

  66. Dion

    Just one thing, if Jesus doesn’t get this title:
    ****Electoral fraud****

  67. Juan Ruiz de Bustillo


  68. Rafa

    Nassim guamaz , he killed it this year !! And his so sick!

  69. Brian Inglis

    All the guys killed it this year. Definite coin toss between Madars and Pfanner.

  70. William

    This vote seems like Banana Republic. Element-Billabong pay then Madars win, is logic. But everybody kwows who is the best.

    1. John

      The people is not stupid. This vote has been totally manipulated. Respecto to Madars but Jesus smashed heads with his part in Pretty Sweet.

      1. Carter

        For sure! It’s just really fucked up that it can even happen. It’s Europe, it’s 2013, Kingpin should not allow such an obvious scheme.

  71. Edis

    Madars Apse

  72. Joe m

    Jesus fernandez enough said

  73. nash romage

    jesus fernandez for euro soty

  74. Mathew Po


  75. flowfucker

    chris pfanner. best cab in the game.

  76. Jean-Charles Leuvrey


  77. Rasmus Brandin

    Josef Scott Jatta!

  78. Matt Baldwin

    Willow was my choice haven’t paid a lot of attention to the other guys but i have always liked willow he always seems happy and has good style in my opinion but yeah willow for sure..

  79. bob666

    nasim is goodBut bastien dont give a fuck !


  80. Josef Kang

    WILLOW for sure! i think people forgot that he put out TWO freakin gnarly full length video parts! and he turned PRO this year! mad respect to the others but willow just deserved it this year. VOTE FOR WILLOW!

  81. Spanky

    Lakai. Fully Flared. Jesus. What more can be said?

  82. Leslie Scott

    Jesus Fernandez!!!! Dopest skater for 20 years! His Pretty Sweet part is INSANE! ESOTY JESUS FERNANDEZ

  83. Eff You

    What a bunch of moanin bitches. Man I wish i’d gotten to vote on this shit but my name ain’t on tha list!

  84. Ryan

    Ben nordberg

    1. Fred

      THX Ryan , THX Leo , Ben Nordberg soty .

  85. Leo Lönnqvist

    haha. votes are already in and i didn’t get the chance to vote but i would have vote for mr. Ben Nordgberg. he just rips and came through with a sick double rock

  86. Alex

    I’m still taking notes for my speech if anyone’s got anything more to say! Some interesting opinions and points on here! Not much coarse language though! Fuck’s sake!

  87. OWHAT


  88. sezanne

    i think the best skate is salabanzi c’est dommage kil nest pas es assez mediatise il avait pas mal d’energie et de style dommage kil ne soi plus chez flip on a pa su pourkoi il envoie kan meme de bon tricks mais on est loin de ces flip front board tran,sfert chez jart sa a lair de passe pas mal mais c’eest dommage en tou cas je pense ke c’est lui ki merite la place de european skater parcontre si vous voulez du mike mo capladi j’ai battu son record je ne sai pa si vous voulez me valoriser ou mediatise vous pouvez voir ma video sur youtube j’en fais 7 c’eatit un essai je vous le fait en vrai kan tu veu ya de la competition entre jeunes et de l’intouchable si vous etes cho ale a+ les gens


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