King Of Skate – Round Nine

Round 9 – Severin von Ow shows a Backside 360° Biggerflip
Welcome in Round 9 – This time you’ll see Swiss precision from Severin von Ow: Backside 360° Biggerflip.
Film your Backside 360° Biggerflip and upload it at The most stylish Backside 360° Biggerflip will win a nice Skullcandy package including two sets of headphones (SK Pro und Smokin Buds) and one t-shirt – total value circa 200,- EUR!

Winner round 8: AnhJyn Chau
AnhJyn is an 18 year-old from Germany and did by far the most stylish Switch Bigspinflip! Have fun with your HeyYou Package!

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