Jenkem Interview With Sam McGuire On Being Gay

In the past few years skateboarding has been gradually addressing the quietness and negativity that’s surrounded the culture for quite some time. Due to their being such a vast number of rumours and bitchiness, you can understand why a skater might be so resentful t0 telling people they’re homosexual. Skate photographer Sam McGuire had to deal with the self-consuming fear of coming out in the skate community, over the course of a few years. His parting quote is a brilliantly positive and encouraging message:

“To me, skateboarding was born out of misfits. People that didn’t want to fit in because fitting in is stupid, and normal people are fucking boring. Just be happy, be yourself, be gay as fuck if you want to, just don’t lose out on life, and don’t give up on skating.”

Read the full interview over at the Jenkem site here.

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