HTC ONE Skatepark Opening night photos

The HTC One Skatepark at Selfridges had its opening last night and there was plenty of shredding, drinking and celeb spotting. The course contains some incredibly fun obstacles which have been modelled after iconic London spots of past and present. Plenty of tricks went down by Neil Smith, Tom Harrison, Casper Brooker, Tom Tanner, Sam Beckett, Manny Lopez, Harry Lintell, Jacob Sawyer, Jin Shimizu, Chris Jones, Tom Knox, Jacob Harris and many others. The park is now open and FREE to skate everyday from 12pm-9pm. The park is located in the Old Selfridges Hotel, accessible via Orchard Street. The park is for skateboarders only. Check back tomorrow for the exclusive Kingpin edit from the new park. See our gallery of pics below shot by our very own Sam Ashley.

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