Geoff Rowley Knows What’s Best – Civilware Service Corp.

So, Geoff Rowley has started up his own outdoor brand specialising in knives and axes… Sick. Why not? It would seem that after a successful pro career, the next step for a lot of skaters is to capitalise their name and experience and start up their own company. Civilware Service Corp. is Rowley’s take on this idea and personally I think it’s rad. Everyone is making board company’s and ‘t-shirt brands’, so why not do something different? He says himself that “You can forget the pre-conceived notion that Civilware is ‘just’ another Outdoor brand, we’re much more than that.” and with products such as shooting targets, coffee tins and really sharp implements, who’s denying it? Or more importantly who’s got the balls to?… Geoff Rowley knife company… gnarly.

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