Fill out the Southbank centre’s official servey to help save London’s legendary spot + info about the “Long Live Southbank” weekend (4th to the 6th of May)

I’m sure all of you have already signed the petition (if not do it right now!), but we once again need your help to save London’s legendary skate spot.

Please take 5 min to fill out Southbank Centre’s official survey They’re currently bragging about 2,000 people giving positive feedback about the redevelopment! The survey seems to be designed to not elicit any negative feedback by only posing question to rhetorical statements that have only one possible answer. Fill out the survey and let them know you disagree with their plans. We just said no or don’t know for most of the questions then left detailed feedback on the final section. We will ask for a copy of the survey when it is closed! If you’re on Twitter, please tweet the below message: “Fill in Southbank’s survey & let them know that you don’t like what they’re doing”

Thank you for your help – we will carry on fighting! Hope to see you at the event this weekend


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