Element Make It Count – Antwerp

If you think of how many amazing skaters come from the Ducth / Belgian region at the moment, then the Antwerp and Amsterdam qualifiers should be pretty interesting to watch. Maybe there’s some new Youness’s, Nassims, Wiegers, Tim Zoms and Phil Zwijsens in there?
Element Make it Count – Antwerp, Belgium >>


Overall winner
Stive Vignis

Over 18 / Sponsored
1st – Stive Vignis
2nd – Hans De Keyser
3rd – Jeff Jacobs

Over 16
1st – Yannick Smolders
2nd – Glenn Wouters
3rd – Kenny Van Den Broek

Under 16
1st – Tobias
2nd – Rogier Deschamps
3rd – Marvin Osei