Element Make It Count – Amsterdam

The Element Make It Count series Amsterdam qualifiers took place a couple of weeks ago. If you haven’t checked it yet, see the clip below and check who’s going to Madrid on the 14th.
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Congrats to Ewoud Breukink who won the Element Make it Count Contest 2011 in Amsterdam, Netherlands! He will be joining other winners in Madrid on May 14th for the European Finals!

Overall winner:
Ewoud Breukink

17 years and Older:
1. Ewoud Breukink – Flyover bs flip
2. Jaasir Linger – Fs flip 180 nosegrind 180
3. Leon Wolters – Treflip lipslide

14-16 Years:
1. Simon Deprez – Hardflip manual shuvit out
2. Simon Deprez – Double varial heeflip
3. Simon Deprez – Fs feeble 180 (yeah…. This guy won all the best tricks!)

0-13 years:
1. Sam – Heelflip stair
2. Max van Dort – Fullcab flip
3. Bart Brinkman – Boarslide

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