Creedence Park New Bit

About a year ago, we visited the Creedence DIY park in Brescia, Italy to try and help out build something new. Things didn’t exactly work out as planned that time and we didn’t finish anything. Instead, we had fun skating what was already there and managed to get things started on the new bit. That new bit is now finally done and it’s looking ace as fuck. For the record, the park was already a lot of fun to skate as it was, so I’m going to claim that with this new bit it’s well worth a visit from both near and far. While we were there, we staid at the Bed & Breakfast Franciacorta. This place is a family-run B&B on top of a pub and a stone’s throw away from the park. If someone’s seriously thinking of visiting Creedence, get in touch with the B&B here: +39 339 8993792 or

On the drawing board one year ago.

Laying down the foundations in the rain, as per usual.

Daryl Knobbs didn’t get to build much that time, but he got some airtime.

Lerri and a blunt on the barrier in the old bit.

Eniz nosegrinding through the whole thing, which is now properly connected to the rest of the park with the new bit.
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