This Ain’t California On The Big Screen

Finally, This Ain’t California, the fantastic (pseudo) documentary on youth, freedom and the big lust for life – with skateboarding in GDR times being the driving force bhind all of it – is now officially coming to the big screen. A whole bunch of international film festival titles and nominations, including Berlinale’s “Perspective Deutsches Kino award”, in the bag, the movie co-starring a bunch of Berlin locals like Lennie Burmeister, Juppie Diens, Valeri Rosomako, Barney Benecker and Kai Hillebrandt, is making its premier tour through German cinemas, with screenings at Bright and an afterparty at the open air cinema infront of Berlin’s Cassiopeia club. If you somehow get the chance, be sure not to miss this one, it’s worth it. Good times galore!

While you wait, here is an interview with the filmmaker, Marten Persiel and some new trailers (in German)…

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