Antwerp Skate Contest

This year, the annual Antwerp Skate Contest will move out from the Antwerp City Park, where it’s been held for the past four years. Instead, the comp will take place in a custom built course on one of the best known local skate spots, the KSN Theater. The Gravis team, including Arto Saari, Dylan Reider, Sammy Winter, Jake Johnson, Steve Forstner, Javier Mendizabal, Domink Dietrich and Ben Nordberg , will spend the week leading up to the comp skating around Belgium and on the evening of the finals, Thursday Aug 25th, there will be a screening of an edit from the trip. In addition to the contest on the course, there will be a best trick comp on three KNS obstacles, customized for the occasion by Rampaffairz.

Tuesday evening, 23rd of August, Gravis will open up a pop-up art exhibition, at the KNS Theatre Square, showcasing photographic work from Arto Saari, Javier Mendizabal, Mark Oblow, Ryan Allan and Mathias Fennetaux.

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