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Amsetrdamn Am Results

Amsetrdamn Am Results

Volcom Amsterdamn Am Results:
1. Ricardo Paterno, NL

2. Adrien Bulard, FR
3. Youness Amrani, BE
4. Axel Cruysberghs, BE
5. Louie Lopez, USA
6. Eniz Fazilov, FI
7. Peter Molek, CZ
8. Bas Janssen, NL
9. Douwe Macare, NL
10. Rachid Addou, NL
11. Rob Maatman, NL
12. Marek Zaprazny, SLO

Volcom Amsterdamn Am Best Trick:
1. €500,00 Martin Pek – Fakie 5-0 fakie flip out on the ledge
2. €400,00 John Koetzier – fakie flip crook, fakie flip tail shovit on the ledge
3. €300,00 Mike Wright – kickflip fs bluntslide to fakie on the rail
4. €200,00 Chris Oliver – kickflip bs lipslide on the concrete curb
5. €100,00 Arnost Ceral – switch heelflip fs boardslide on the rail

Bit of footy on the Tacky site.

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