Abbe Nyberg, Robbie McKinley, Leo Valls

Abbe Nyberg walked home with 8000 euros after winning everything there was to win at this past weekend’s Skate Olympix in Trollhättan, Sweden. In Jugga’s words, he seems to have half a second longer in the air than anybody else, allowing him to do ridiculous stuff like 360 hardflips down ten stairs and one foots followed by back foot onefoots in one ollie. And that lazerflip back lip down the ten stair rail wasn’t bad either. While Henry is trying to fit all that in an edit from the comp, remind yourself of Abbe’s skills in this clip from year and a half ago that caused a bit of a stir at the time.

Remember those shirts from the early nineties that stretch rather than shrink every time you wash them? Robbie McKinley interview over on the Bobshirt website.

48 Blocks has posted an interview with Magenta Skateboards’ Leo Valls. Below, his part from the amazing Frame By Frame video by Romain Batard.

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