6 Great examples of VX and HD videos

Element Europe filmer Niki Walt with his HD piece. Photo by Sam Ashley.

The debate on VX vs HD has been going on since HD’s inception into skate filming a few years ago. There are some who argue that it is pointless to pursue using an old technology and that the clarity you get with HD only makes it more enjoyable to watch – especially online. There are some, like myself, who feel that VX offers a more natural and intimate feel to a video and that the need for a higher frame rate is irrelevant so long as the skating is good and the filming is done right. And then there the rest who really don’t care what medium it’s shot in so long as they like the final product. Although there has been a massive evolution in skate videos, and the cameras used to shoot them, there seems to be a stubbornness to give up the VX, from its filmers and following, that perhaps wasn’t so profound in the past. Here are three examples from each medium that show great skating, filming and editing we can all appreciate.

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