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Inside 99

March issue is out and it’s dedicated to the best skating Europe had to offer in 2011. Winners and nominees for various prices in the Bright European Skateboard Awards are featured in the issue. Eniz, Lucas and Abbe all get interviewed. Thought you were done with Pontus after last month’s overload? Think again, he’s back this month. On top of the awards hullabaloo, there’s a thing about Pontus’s board company Polar in Poland and an article on Vans in New York. Eric Dressen answers Questions. Just one issue shy of 100, we decided to kick off a couple of new bits as well in the front of the mag to make easier to dip in and out of. In Quick 5 we’ll be asking three skaters each month the same set of questions about their current top of the list and bottom of the barrel things to do. My Phone is a silly feature for the terrifyingly shallow digital age. Arguable the most tech savvy professional skateboarder out there, Colin Kennedy, kicks off the new monthly feature and shares his most recent phone screen grabs and snaps, including tweets and chats and the like. You get the picture – but only if you buy the magazine though. Colin is really quite good at everything he does, be it skating, team managing, sound compressing or filtering the noise out of a rush-hour information motor way.

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  1. Artz

    i m a french guy who likes skateboard magazine…i found a big mistake in the last issue 99 march in France…i was’s hungry when i see the cover…Lucas P, A Nyberg Eniz Fazliov…’s interviews…at the print failed…u have to check what u do or printer do…don’t let out a bullshit like this and take responsability…i didn’t found communication about this mistake…maybe an erata next month..ah ah…but today i m cold to get anymore of KP…put online the good one with complete interviews….thx

  2. Tuukka

    what are you on about?

  3. Artz


    In the french version of KP…in the summary, it is listed that there are 13 pages of Lucas, 13 pages of Albert and 13 pages of Eniz but in reallity inside for every interview of them u have only 4-5 pages of them…brutal cut in Lucas interview answer…apparently printer’s error…?

    i hope u understand…my english is quite weak…

  4. Artz

    ok…thx…i understand.


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