Inside 95

It’s almost November and our new issue is out. This month we interview Ross McGouran about his tranny roots in Harrow and current life of world travelling. Through the years, Ross has staid true to himself and kept on skating whatever he wants to skate, wherever he wants to skate it. Another interviewee comes from the home of the brave. Nyjah Huston is a man of the moment and deary me can he jump down shit. Besides that, he has a rather interesting story to tell.

We take a trip to Canada with the French Vans crew and drop by London’s Spitalfields for the Vans Downtown Showdown.

Perus Crew and Sweet Skateboards survive a guerilla camping trip from Copenhagen to Helsinki through Sweden. The questionable journalism we printed in the magazine is backed up by perhaps even more outrageous videotaping in the three part edit we’re unleashing on your various iMachines starting Friday 28th Oct, or as soon as Sean James gets out of bed and delivers the movie on Compact Discs.

In the mean time, take a trip to the skate shop and support your friend, the journalist. We eat in your table.

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