Inside 91

This issue is going to set things straight. Nassim Guammaz is the next hot shit. Not only does he know what he’s doing with his hair, he knows what he’s doing with sets of stairs, handrails and gaps. No messing around, just huammaz! So that’s the cover and Effect covered.

On top of that we’ve got Italy’s Dumb Skateboards on a tour through Italy, Greece and Turkey, some good times, good skateboarding and dumb ideas..

We also checked in with Phil Evans about his new project, Format Perspective, and managed to get a sneak peek and look into the 6 photographers involved. We caught up with Grosso at Vans’ Spring Classic  in Varazze and Mark ‘Fos’ Foster of Heroin skateboards designed us a new tee for the now monster subs deal. It really is a beast, check it out below: a Dumb Skateboards Hoody, a Mabasi skate tool, a witchraft beer koozie and a tee-shirt designed by the oe and only Fos..get on it!