Inside 103

Holy shit, it’s halfway through the year already and things are picking up pace.

Sami Miettinen is that guy styling that shit the fuck out up there on the cover – one photographic outtake from the Emerica in Greece article featuring a bunch of other sick stuff from the lens of Mr.Percy Dean.

Lucien Clarke takes the spotlight for the feature interview and casually smashes it, as is his style. Finnish booze specialist, Niko Ojanen, gets the Effect and Sam Beckett gets in at ground level with his Expand.

Deeli talks to the people at Vans Spring Classic and Polar and Palace form like Voltron when they roll 20 dudes deep through the urban jungle that is Malmo, Sweden.

There’s more stuff in there but you’ll have to buy or borrow it to find out i suppose.

Have a good weekend out there shredders.

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