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Inside 101

Alex Irvine Alex Irvine

So, onward to the next centenary..

And we’ve kicked things off proper. Josef Scott Jatta gets cover and backs it up with his stylish brand of stuntage in his hammer-heavy Effect.

And, without actually planning it, we have Josef’s roommate Pirkka Pollari in the hot seat for his banging interview where he talks us through the events of his last year or so on the planet and drops some slick moves for your eyes.

We’ve got a serious DC article in here from the filming of their 2-years-in-the-making epic, upcoming video, which I’ve heard is premiering in BCN soon. Shit is tight.

Other than that we’ve got Antiz and their buddy, Bastien, in Morocco, Dallas Rockvam’s Pearls of Wisdom, Lance Mountain’s responses to Questions’ questions, and plenty of other stuff. On sale now-ish, go and check it out.

  1. G

    On sale?not online on the iPhone app for the moment.

  2. G

    You Know when?

    1. Alex

      Any day now!


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