Inside 100

Where the hell do I start?

Well, let’s start at the start. Ben Raemers takes the cover shot with a bionic leap over the mouth of London’s latest concrete behemoth.  A few repeat visits and a few hairy bails later and Ben bagged this like it was nothing. Cover worthy indeed. We also caught up with him a little more in depth in an interview he came home to shoot over 1 month of deepest British winter – concrete dragons were slayed, auld enemies were laid to rest.

So, it’s the 100th issue. We figured we should try and catch up with as many people as we could that have graced the pages of Kingpin over the last decade. The list is pretty long but if you look at the cover shot here you should be able to figure out who’s in there. Or even better go and buy it! History bitch!

In case you’ve missed out on some of the first one hundred issues, now’s a good time to get going with the next hundred and start a subscription.

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