In Frame

In Frame: Sem Rubio

2.Jürgen Horrwarth, ollie in, Bulgaria. 2006.

I think in most cases, certainly when shooting skateboarding, shots from above are the best angles. Or maybe it’s just an angle you don’t find that often and that makes it look better. Whatever the reason is, I think in this particular case it worked perfectly to show just how hard was the place was to skate – something [skateboard] photography can lack sometimes. This was my first and only trip to Bulgaria, it was for a vert demo and local contest that Kingpin had set up. The demo was far away from civilization, and the only ‘street’ skating that we found was this ditch. The ground was so rough that you could barely call it ‘ground’, and this big bank you could easily call a ‘wall’. I wish I could shoot everywhere from above, unfortunately out budgets don’t stretch a helicopter yet.

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