In Frame

In Frame: Nikwen

2. Bastien Salabanzi, backside 180, Barcelona 2001:

At the time Bastien was shooting for a Thrasher interview and man was he was going for it!

That day he went on a photo mission with Antton Miettinen, who had been kind enough to let me shoot a second angle.

With only 4 photos left on my roll, Bastien managed to land this beast in 3 tries. For the record, my mate Baptiste Myszor filmed it with Bastien’s camera set up on my 10 euro tripod…

Two weeks later, I received a phone call from Bastien asking me if I still had this shot to use it, because the lab fucked up or lost Antton’s film…

That was the first time ever I had a photo published in a magazine.

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