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In Frame: Alex Irvine

Danijel Stankovic, Lipslide: Danijel Todorovich (as he was then known) is possibly the nicest dude in European skateboarding. He was riding for The Harmony at the time and Document magazine invited me to cover a trip out to Sweden. Danijel made us guests of Malmo: showed us where the 90 cent falafels were (there’s lots of superstitions about what’s in the garlic sauce), showed us where the tea was (right next door to Streetlab), where the Systembolaget’s were and where some of their finest street furniture resided. Good times.

The then videomeister was Adam Mondon, he’s perched right below me in this picture which, looking back now having gotten to know Mondon a little more, seems unlikely, as it was sketchy as fuck up there. He rides a Harley now so maybe deep down he’s always been wild at heart.

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