In Frame

In Frame: Alex Irvine

Michel Mahringer Already Been Dropped: Myself and good friend French were invited to Linz, Austria to join Antiz in celebrating the Linz crew getting booted out of their house. There were promises of heavy metal, booze and destruction, all of which were dutifully in great supply, and the shreddery was likewise free flowing. Watching Murl step up to this was one of those moments as a photographer where you’re convinced this trick isn’t going down; the scale of it, the wobbly fence, the traffic & the shitty floor tell you so, but you set up anyway – it’s the polite thing to do. Turns out I was wrong and he smashed it. Looking at this photo always makes me shocked, partly at the fact I actually managed to light such a large space with only three flashes.

The Linz guys were all pretty sure it’s been done before so I don’t think it ran. Such is skate-protocol. Either way it’s still gnarly as fuck.