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5. Brescia: Creedence

5. Brescia: Creedence

Curtis O'Dell

Creedence DIY Park in Brescia

DarylKnobbs-StaleFish-CreedenceDaryl Nobbs, stalefish. Ph. Deeli

Creedence DIY spot in Brescia, Italy began as a planned skate park. The initial funding and plans however fell through and a few locals decided to take it into their own hands to get the job done. Two grand’s worth of materials and concrete flat ground was in the hands of the skaters and left to them to make of it what they could. The Creedence spot originally grew to feature a speed bump, a corner, a funbox, a manny pad and a pyramid. With the help of the Carhartt and Emerica project, a complex series of transition has been formed, all topped with pretty slick pool coping. This DIY park is different to most as it would pretty much pass for an official construction, but this just goes down to all the hard work put into it. The Creedence DIY Park in Brescia is definitely the place to visit if you’re ever planning a trip to the area. There’s so many creative opportunities as the park combines gnarly elements of both tranny and street.

EnizFazliov-NosegrindTransfer-CreedenceEniz Fazliov, nosegrind the lot. Ph. DeeliLerri-Blunt-CreedenceLerri, reflective blunt. Ph. DeeliBramDeCleen-FsPivotFakie-CreedenceBram De Cleen, front pivot fakie. Ph. Deeli


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